Backlog of pictures, here

Finally, I’m posting pictures from our last weeks in San Francisco, through our move up to Seattle. Here are the slideshows (slideshow links open in a new window):

8/11: A (last) day of Jay at work in SF

8/16: A few more from Jay’s last work days in SF

8/24: Our friend Genevieve’s birthday, Wildcat Canyon

8/20 – 9/12: Packing in SF, driving up, unpacking in Seattle

Also, in case you missed the more rececnt slideshows Anastasia posted here and here:

10/13: Visit to the pumpkin patch

10/30: Halloween / Housewarming party


Halloween Housewarming

Thanks to all who helped make our Halloween Housewarming a great success. The costumes were amazing.

In attendance were the following:

A little witch and a big witch, an undertaker, a burned out hippy or two, a burned out marti gra chic, a lazy housewife (not me, I promise!), Medusa, a “pooky” skeleton boy, and an even spookier skeleton man, and another warlock skeleton man, a beetle, Albert Einstein, a VW man, a little lion, a basketball player, a Vampireress, a knight, Lily Munster, and a gaggle of partiers!

View a slideshow of spooky images from the party.

Finally settling in to life in Seattle

Well, we just hung our art/photos in our new house. It’s starting to feel like home. One of our red walls in the downstairs office/studio is now home to six photos from my “Living Machines” series. They look great!

We’re starting to look forward and plan our Halloween Housewarming (coming up on Saturday the 30th)!

In Seattle, stuff isn’t, but connected, and cleaning and painting, and pictures coming soon too

Anastasia and I (and Nikita) made it to Seattle OK, and have been camping out in our new place (waiting for the moving truck to arrive with our stuff).

We’ve been cleaning and painting, mostly, though we spent the day yesterday at Bumbershoot enjoying a day of music and nice weather.

We’ve taken a bunch of photos of our trip from SF to Seattle, and of our new place as we’ve been settling in. We’ll post photos and more details on our recent happenings soon.

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