A story about band-aids (or how to meet your neighbors)

So, this is really a story that happened to Jay, but I’m going to tell it anyway.

This morning Jay was out mowing our parking strip grass (note this is a 100ft long x 10ft wide strip, so it’s kind of like a field) with our new battery-powered Neuton mower and side hedger. Jay has met many neighbors since we got this mower. Today, he met another.

A car pulled up to the side of the road and a woman rolls down her window and says, “Hi, do you have a band-aid?”

Jay, in his kind way, says, “Not on me, but I can go get you one.” He proceeds inside the house to find a box of band-aids. Not knowing what kind of injury she said, he decides to bring out the entire box to let her choose the best fit.

Jay asks, “What size do you need?”

“Oh, any size”, she replies. “I’m one of your neighbors. You know, the house with the bamboo around the corner.”

“Yes, I know that house,” Jay replies.

“Thanks for the band-aid. I didn’t grow up with band-aids when I was a kid, so I never have any.”

She didn’t offer any more information after that, but quickly changed the subject and took off, band-aid in hand.

Definitely makes you wonder where she’s from or what her childhood was like. I guess that’s a story for the next time they meet.

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