The best burger ever?

So while we were in New Zealand we found out from Eve’s husband Lynn that she has been raving about this “incredible burger” she had over 10 years ago when she last traveled to the south island in NZ. So while driving down the coast, we HAD to stop for the burger. Is it as good as she remembers? Here’s what Eve has to say:

2 thoughts on “The best burger ever?”

  1. “This is the movie I’ve seen of Lola’s mom about the burger,” yells Colin from his bedroom with his lights out after bedtime. Okay, I guess my sound was up too loud on my speedy laptop. Enjoyable clip!

  2. Oh yes! The title “The best burger ever” is not really the correct title. Eve actually says in the movie what it should be: “This is the best burger I’ve ever had”. This is a well-known phrase of hers (known as “an Eve-ism”) by those who know her, as she has been saying this since she was about 4-years old, most especially about certain food items or meals, and is something of a family joke! But we all always forgive her as her enthusiasm and sheer joy always shines through genuinely in the moment!

    A fantastic & great little video.

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