Happy Birthday Nikita!


It’s Nikita’s 13th birthday today, and considering we did one of her most *unfavorite* things today (vacuumed), I decided I should at least put a little tribute up for her on the blog. I’ll also give her a couple treats since she could care less about the blog. Anyways, here are a couple more photos from her kitty youth:

She still gives us this look today:

We called this her “rabbit pose” (she doesn’t really do this anymore):

This is one of my favorite portraits of her from her early years living in the country:

Happy birthday Nikita!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nikita!”

  1. awwww, happy b-day, nikita! i especially like the rabbit pose, and am sad that she no longer twists and lengthens her boday in such a fashion.

    i’m sending you scratches, my feline friend. sorry about the vacuuming on your special day. :)

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