Happy New Year, bye ’09 / hello ’10

Anastasia and Jay say Free Schmidt

We had an interesting and generally great year. We thought it’d be nice to post something about how that was true for our work at Juxtaprose, and so we just published a goodbye 2009 / thank you post on our Juxtaprose blog. That post includes a photo we took today of us sitting with some of the nice swag we’ve received from clients in 2009.

Some of said swag includes the “Free Schmidt” t-shirts we received from cousin Lisa (the “Free Schmidt” t-shirts will make sense once you read The Spellmans Strike Again, which is out in March 2010). And we wanted to do a second, Spellman Files-themed, photo with just Lisa’s books from ’09 and the shirts, for her amusement. And, voilá! That’s the photo above, now included here for your amusement too!

If, after that, you’re still in a Fine & Full mood and want to read something new I’ve written on Wrong Notes, check out On Music Appreciation, which I also published today .

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