Just because you can, should you do it?

Printing photos on sugar paper to place on tops of cakes and cookies has been around for a while. I made a cake back in the late 90′s with a photo of the Taj Mahal on the top. It was a beautiful cake, and I think it was saved (ie. not eaten), because who really wants to eat a part of the Taj Mahal? In general, it’s not really the style of cakes I enjoy making or decorating*. I find this trend in cakes a little cheesy. Here’s an example – look you can put the Mona Lisa on a cake!

So just today I came across the fact that you can now order M&M’s with your face on them (or anyone’s face, really). They’re suggesting your kid’s face, to use as birthday favors, etc. But you could also think up some more sinister ways to use these too, yes? It’s still a little weird to think about eating a handful of M&Ms with your kid’s face on them.

* If you click on the “cake” tag in left column of this site, you can find some posts with photos of cakes I’ve done for nieces / nephews that are more in the style I like to do.

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