Kitchen: Before & After

So over the weekend we finally cleaned up the construction debris from the downstairs and I took a few photos of our new kitchen. This one here is a before & after from the same angle. We’ll be posting more photos soon, but wanted to get this up for everyone out there who’s curious since we’ve been talking about it so much :)

Fine and Full Kitchen

9 thoughts on “Kitchen: Before & After”

  1. Holy crap that’s awesome. It makes you wonder why the other way was ever considered a good idea. Yeah, let’s put the hot stuff in a box, isolated from the people.

  2. It’s gorgeous! It looks like a showroom. Your going to be inspired to cook so much delicious food now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is quite a beautiful transformation!!! …love your blog/name etc. really cozy. i feel fine and full.
    love to you both.

  4. It looks great! We can’t wait to see it in person! One of these days, seriously, we will come up to visit!!

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