Kitchen remodel, round 1

So we’re like living in a bubble. No, not really — but on Monday we started our kitchen remodel. We’re working with the same contractor who did Jay’s studio, and he started the process by “bubbling off” most of the downstairs (so we don’t have to breathe in too much sheetrock dust). My brother-in-law John Stoeck has been helping with the plans. We are very excited to do this. The excitement has not yet been diminished by our current lack of kitchen.

So I have a first set of photos here for your enjoyment. These include a somewhat chronological order of former kitchen, former kitchen empty, and kitchen in the midst of being dismantled (it already looks so much bigger downstairs). The remaining walls that you see that make the former kitchen “room” will be coming out as well. We’re just waiting on the steel beam that will hold up the second floor. We wouldn’t want to take them out too soon! The last photo is of our makeshift kitchen upstairs.

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