Kitchen remodel, round 2

Since the last kitchen post, we’ve been to Hawaii (photos coming soon), and things have progressed with the kitchen as well. We now have a 22ft steel beam supporting the upstairs and two new windows (one actual newly cut-out-of-the-side-of-the-house window, and one new window that just replaced an existing one). We’re wired up for the lights and plumbing, and tomorrow (or actually later today) the sheetrock is going up. It will look a lot different then, so I wanted to post these few photos of progress so far before the walls are in….

One thought on “Kitchen remodel, round 2”

  1. OMG! You guys don’t mess around!

    For those of you who don’t know, there was, like, a house there. And they totally took away the house and… man!

    You two are hard core!

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