Kitchen remodel, round 4

I have to look up when the last set of photos I posted was, but it seems like a long time ago. Things have definitely come along, and we’re starting to get excited to finish (we’re waiting on the stainless steel countertops at this point). One wall is 98% done (the one you see in the photos with the refrigerator and ovens, and the other two areas (one against the other wall, and the island) are still in process. The good news is that we can now cook in a real oven and use our dishwasher. We still don’t have the sink or cooktop, so that does limit what we can do.

Some other things you’ll see in the photos—early photos are of the kitchen before the cabinet doors went in, all our appliances while they were still in boxes, the walnut slab that will be half of the island (we’re super excited about this), and the fireplace, which had little to do with the kitchen except the fact that it was surrounded by pink tile which we hated.

Since we ended up having to replace the floor with new bamboo, we decided to pull out the tiles from around the fireplace since the floor had to work around them anyways. We’re putting slate tiles on the floor and are still trying to figure out what to do as the surround.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen remodel, round 4”

  1. wow! gosh, what an incredible transformation. did you get rid of the dining room, or is there a bit of it left? i can’t tell from the photo, but i’ve just learned that the Kitchen_is_done, so… more pics, please!

  2. We removed the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. So, there’s still a dining space in the same place, but we’re not really using it that way. Basically, the whole space between the living room, kitchen and dining room is now open, with no walls separating the areas.

    So, we were literally just talking about taking another set of pix, so those are coming soon.

    Note though: today the kitchen became complete, e.g., fully functional. We have a sink and cook top! But, the kitchen isn’t done yet–maybe another week or two. . .

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