Mad-P Planted

Anastasia in her Mad-P Patch

After being on the waiting list for 3 years, we finally got a plot! Here I am pictured in our newly acquired community garden plot. The garden is part of Seattle’s P-Patch gardens, and our garden is named the “Mad-P”. This was just when I was trying to figure out how we might be able to plant some more food / veges in our yard. So we’re really excited to have this space, and it is literally just down the street (2 minute walk).

So on Sunday our friend Jeanine offered to help plant, as she knows something about gardening, and doesn’t have her own garden at the moment. So we bought seeds and hopefully picked some things out that will still grow (we’re getting a bit of a late start). Plantings include: carrots, radishes, snap peas, zucchinis, tomatoes (these in plant form from the farmer’s market), a couple lettuce starts (also from the farmer’s market) and some flowers (marigolds and I think they were called ‘paper flowers’ or something like that).

We’ll keep you posted on how things grow!

Photo by Jeanine Anderson. (Check out her photos, they’re really interesting!)

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