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Happy Birthday Jay!

We’re part-way through a celebration today for Jay’s birthday. Here’s our day (in photos) so far:

On the elusive 11 (our car was in the shop) on the way to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Picasso exhibit:
Jay on the elusive 11

Drinking a cappuccino at Stella’s:
Jay coffee

Outside SAM after the exhibit (it was awesome):
Jay & Picasso sign

Enjoying the view over Puget Sound:

A walk through the Market (Pike Place Pigs):
Pike Place Pigs

A fine dinner to come later (after a nap!).

Much love to you Jay! You are the best.

Limbo, The Organized Mind

I love this video of the Jim Henson / Raymond Scott collaboration, “Limbo, The Organized Mind.” They collaborated on the film and sound elements in 1967 – Henson did the film, Scott did the electronic music / sounds (note: more info on WFMU’s Beware of the blog).

In this video from a 1974 episode of The Tonight Show, what you are seeing is a “face” that’s being performed live by Hensen and another puppeteer, integrated with the film playing in the background.

Monkey World

One of our favorite local artists, Matthew Porter of Blue Bottle Art Gallery, was just featured in a Seattle Times article Monkey World artist brings his craft home. For those of you who have visted us in the last year or so, you’ve seen one of his original paintings "Monkey Heaven" (lots of monkeys playing music and dancing on clouds)—which we very much enjoy. If you’re in the Seattle area (or next time you’re here), definitely check out their gallery.