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Happy 100th Grandma Mildred

We just got home from a weekend in LA to celebrate Jay’s grandma Mildred’s 100th birthday. She’s such an amazing person—funny, full of incredible stories, and still extremely present, even after living in this crazy world for 100 years. It’s hard to even wrap your head around all that she’s lived through: the depression, too many wars, the population of the world growing from 1.6 billion to close to 7 billion. Wow.

Happy birthday Grandma Mildred. Here’s to your 101st year!

Hungry Monkognonis

Next week is Nikita’s 14th birthday! Although we come up with new nicknames for her every few days–and so there have been thousands of names, we rarely write them down and often forget them as ever new names take the stage.

For this birthday, I thought I’d write down the new name I spontaneously called her tonight: Hungry Monkognonis.

I think that one is going to stick!

Happy Birthday Jay!

We’re part-way through a celebration today for Jay’s birthday. Here’s our day (in photos) so far:

On the elusive 11 (our car was in the shop) on the way to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Picasso exhibit:
Jay on the elusive 11

Drinking a cappuccino at Stella’s:
Jay coffee

Outside SAM after the exhibit (it was awesome):
Jay & Picasso sign

Enjoying the view over Puget Sound:

A walk through the Market (Pike Place Pigs):
Pike Place Pigs

A fine dinner to come later (after a nap!).

Much love to you Jay! You are the best.

Happy Birthday Nikita!


It’s Nikita’s 13th birthday today, and considering we did one of her most *unfavorite* things today (vacuumed), I decided I should at least put a little tribute up for her on the blog. I’ll also give her a couple treats since she could care less about the blog. Anyways, here are a couple more photos from her kitty youth:

She still gives us this look today:

We called this her “rabbit pose” (she doesn’t really do this anymore):

This is one of my favorite portraits of her from her early years living in the country:

Happy birthday Nikita!