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1975 Mercury Comet

1975 Mercury Comet

Sometimes I wonder if we could have saved her….

I was going through my photos today looking for one of Jay’s photos when he was a baby, and I came across this photo, taken in 1990 I believe, of myself with all the older Fuller kids’ first car (my dad bought it for $750). It was a bronze 1975 Mercury Comet with a roof rack. You always have to mention the roof rack—that was a very important part of the description.

I learned a lot about cars from this car. It was a 6 cylinder, and got about 8 miles to the gallon. Thank goodness gas was only about $1 a gallon back then. I was very fond of our local auto supply store and was always putting additives in the tank to try to get better mileage. I also learned about carburetors (because the one in this car was always crapping out). Looking at this photo, the car almost looks sporty now.

In any case, the car was passed on to my brother in about 1991, and needlesstosay, that was the end of her life. (He’s mentioned some stories about setting up jumps in parking lots with his friends, etc.)

After seeing this, I wondered if anyone has any restored Comets out there, so I did a search, and found a four-door 1974 Comet on e-bay for $6. (But alas, it’s just a postcard.) RIP DND 225. (I loved how the license plate kind of spelled out "Dead End".)