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Iceland Stopover

Iceland, View from Our Room
View from our room, Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel

As I mentioned in the previous past, we stopped over in Iceland last week for one day/night on our way to Amsterdam. We had a very relaxing stay at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel which included use of their private pools, and day passes to the Blue Lagoon which was just a short walk away.

I have to say, it’s a perfect way to unwind after a 7-hour plane flight. Jay and I agreed that we’d do two nights next time!

You can see some more photos here (on Flickr). I didn’t take my camera to the Blue Lagoon, but it’s more fun watching the live feed from their webcam anyway! (Although you might catch it after hours, with less people depending on what time you look at it…)

A little road music

We’ve been driving a lot the past few days, and the car has a CD player, but no input jack. We’ve got iPods, but no CDs.

Last night, we remembered to burn a CD with some mp3s, starting from a very small collection that’s on Anastasia’s laptop. This worked out great today, as we had music for our whole drive.

We listened to 4-5 albums, and I thought a couple were particularly nice with today’s scenes (including: oceans / fjords, rivers, river deltas, lakes, ponds, snow covered hills and mountains, farms with and without snow, sheep, cows, horses, birds, dogs, one cat, and a couple dozen people)–all interesting. These were:

“Salvador Kali,” by Sir Richard Bishop


“Lost Channels,” by the Great Lake Swimmers

I probably should also include the new Rodrigo y Gabriella album we enjoyed today, too. And, then there were another couple good ones, too. But those two above really stood out to me.

Adventure day

We ended up with a big adventure today, with much of the day driving slowly down a totally remote, unpaved road, in a snow storm. Pictures and video coming soon.

We started from our hotel in Reykjahlid (Hotel Reykjahlid, which is really lovely) on Lake Myvatn (also really lovely), and headed out to get to Husavik via the route 85 864 (edited: route 85 was the nice road we got to later, after 864) where we would see the Dettifoss waterfalls. En route, we also tried to see the lava fields by the Krafla Geothermal Plant—we couldn’t see any bubbling sulfur through the snow, though we saw lots of lava rocks (comparable to the Big Island of Hawaii).

And, anyway, lots of snow and unpaved roads, and then a beautiful drive along the coast of the Arctic Ocean to get to Husavik—and we had some fine pizza (at Salka) and a nice visit to the local baths, and now we’re warm and safe in a room at the Fosshotel Husavik.

More photos and video in a day or so—the next evening we’re sitting around with web access.