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We make some dinner

As we’re getting more into cooking and preparing foods, we’ve just started a page of What’s for Dinner? notes to ourselves. Basically the plan is to just list recopies and techniques we learn that we want to remember and use more often.

Just a first entry for tonight. Expect more, especially as we get into Spring and Summer and have fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden. Please feel free to make suggestions here or there.

Cousin Alli’s kitchen

We’re back from a great family visit in LA. At the annual Thanksgiving brunch, we were catching up with my cousin Alli Pescosolido (aka, Alli 411, the LA food blogger), and she mentioned that her kitchen was featured on the kitchn, which is part of the Apartment Therapy website.

So, we’ve checked out the feature and it’s very nice—it’s actually an interview with Alli and a photo tour of her kitchen, including some close-ups of her 1924 stove and some cool pix of her house:

Kitchen Tour: Alli’s Vintage Hacienda

There are also a couple Thanksgiving recipes, which are also posted on Alli 411, where you can leave comments.

Check it all out!

Kitchen remodel, round 4

I have to look up when the last set of photos I posted was, but it seems like a long time ago. Things have definitely come along, and we’re starting to get excited to finish (we’re waiting on the stainless steel countertops at this point). One wall is 98% done (the one you see in the photos with the refrigerator and ovens, and the other two areas (one against the other wall, and the island) are still in process. The good news is that we can now cook in a real oven and use our dishwasher. We still don’t have the sink or cooktop, so that does limit what we can do.

Some other things you’ll see in the photos—early photos are of the kitchen before the cabinet doors went in, all our appliances while they were still in boxes, the walnut slab that will be half of the island (we’re super excited about this), and the fireplace, which had little to do with the kitchen except the fact that it was surrounded by pink tile which we hated.

Since we ended up having to replace the floor with new bamboo, we decided to pull out the tiles from around the fireplace since the floor had to work around them anyways. We’re putting slate tiles on the floor and are still trying to figure out what to do as the surround.

Kitchen remodel, round 3

Here’s a few more photos of the kitchen remodel, which now includes sheet rock on the walls. It’s starting to look like a real room again.

Bummer of the day is that our bamboo flooring is no longer being produced (we had planned on just continuing it throughout the rooms); so we’re doing a little more hunting around to see if we can find any anywhere, and otherwise are going to re-group on the flooring and see what we can come up with. I guess it’s always something with projects.

Kitchen remodel, round 2

Since the last kitchen post, we’ve been to Hawaii (photos coming soon), and things have progressed with the kitchen as well. We now have a 22ft steel beam supporting the upstairs and two new windows (one actual newly cut-out-of-the-side-of-the-house window, and one new window that just replaced an existing one). We’re wired up for the lights and plumbing, and tomorrow (or actually later today) the sheetrock is going up. It will look a lot different then, so I wanted to post these few photos of progress so far before the walls are in….

Kitchen remodel, round 1

So we’re like living in a bubble. No, not really — but on Monday we started our kitchen remodel. We’re working with the same contractor who did Jay’s studio, and he started the process by “bubbling off” most of the downstairs (so we don’t have to breathe in too much sheetrock dust). My brother-in-law John Stoeck has been helping with the plans. We are very excited to do this. The excitement has not yet been diminished by our current lack of kitchen.

So I have a first set of photos here for your enjoyment. These include a somewhat chronological order of former kitchen, former kitchen empty, and kitchen in the midst of being dismantled (it already looks so much bigger downstairs). The remaining walls that you see that make the former kitchen “room” will be coming out as well. We’re just waiting on the steel beam that will hold up the second floor. We wouldn’t want to take them out too soon! The last photo is of our makeshift kitchen upstairs.