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First audio from Paris, sirens

The sound of the police sirens here in Paris is really distinctive, and is to me, one of the many iconic sounds of this city.

The following sound recording captures the sound of a passing motorcade (the main car was a tiny, unmarked, Smart car—that it was a motorcade made no obvious sense to me, unless it maybe was a police escort for a woman about to give birth, on the way to the hospital).

Listen to Paris Sirens

Update from Paris

Just a quick update: we have some new photos up, check out:

Paris, Week 1 and Paris, long photos (hold your nose on this one).

We bought a six-day museum pass, which gives you access to a lot lot of museums, so we’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible before it expires on Monday. We’ve been trying to go on somewhat off-hours (in the evenings) to miss the crowds.

Bonne nuit! (Tired, as are my feet.)

View from our Window in Paris


For our three weeks here in Paris, we’re renting a small studio (about 250 square feet) on the 5th floor (4th floor as they’d call it here) in a building from the 1600s. We have views out on other buildings built around the same time here in the 3rd Arrondissement (the Marais area) of Paris. When they were originally built, they were mansions for the aristocrats of the time. This is one of the few neighborhoods in Paris that didn’t get drastically changed in the 1800s, so it’s got a lot of small cobblestone streets and alleys.

The inside of the apartment (photos soon) doesn’t really have much of an older feeling to it, but looking out the windows—you definitey feel like you’re someplace old! And the walls are super thick (i.e. quiet) which is really nice when you’re in a city.