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Italy, the rest of our trip…..

Tuscany View
Our view in Tuscany

We’re home now and I finally have enough brain power (post jet-lag) to upload some more photos. So I just posted a bunch more photos over here (on Flickr) of the final day we spent in Lake Como, and the 10 nights we spent in Tuscany. We stayed at Jay’s dad’s first cousin’s place in the hills of Massarosa. They’ve lived there for 15 years and have a beautiful b&b, with the gorgeous view you see in the photo above. We did day trips from there—to Lucca (ancient walled city), to the beaches of Viareggio; to Florence, to the hill towns north of Lucca, to a local winery, and to Vinci (birthplace of Leonardo).

Enjoy the photos!

Happy Birthday Nikita!


It’s Nikita’s 13th birthday today, and considering we did one of her most *unfavorite* things today (vacuumed), I decided I should at least put a little tribute up for her on the blog. I’ll also give her a couple treats since she could care less about the blog. Anyways, here are a couple more photos from her kitty youth:

She still gives us this look today:

We called this her “rabbit pose” (she doesn’t really do this anymore):

This is one of my favorite portraits of her from her early years living in the country:

Happy birthday Nikita!

Mother’s Day in nature

On Sunday, since Mary was out of town basking in the Hawaiian sun, we celebrated mother’s day with Jen, John, and Colin. Seattle gave us one of those ‘oh so beautiful’ days, where you forget about the grey and clouds and soak up the vitamin d. We went out to Discovery Park and had a picnic, then hiked down to the beach. Here are a couple photos from the day:

Colin and Jen, May 2010

Jay, John, Jen, and Colin - May 2010

If the photos look a little fuzzy, they’re supposed to be that way! I took them with my plastic Diana lens with my SLR camera–my new favorite camera set-up. I’ve been posting a lot of photos recently at my photography website (www.anastasiafuller.com) taken with this lens. I’m really loving it, and loving experimenting with it.

The day we were tired but happy to get slices in Brooklyn

We are back in Seattle now, and have a few more photos to post (and stories to tell) from our unplanned extra trip to London and Brooklyn on the way home from Paris.

Our stop in Brooklyn was super brief (less than 24 hours), but we got to hang out with our friends Jonah and Nancy, which was really great.

We were totally wiped out from the extra travel (and lack of sleep required to plan it), but we had no trouble enjoying slices of pizza our morning there, before catching the flight back to Seattle—as illustrated in this photo:

jay pizza brooklyn

Update from Paris

Just a quick update: we have some new photos up, check out:

Paris, Week 1 and Paris, long photos (hold your nose on this one).

We bought a six-day museum pass, which gives you access to a lot lot of museums, so we’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible before it expires on Monday. We’ve been trying to go on somewhat off-hours (in the evenings) to miss the crowds.

Bonne nuit! (Tired, as are my feet.)