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Back from SF / NYC

Anastasia and Jay at Indian Oven, San Francisco, April 3, 2007

Sarah snapped this picture of Anastasia and me while we all were eating at Indian Oven, in San Francisco. (Sarah’s got more pictures of us on her Flickr.)

Sarah and David, whom we became friends with when they lived in Seattle, now live around the corner from Indian Oven in San Francisco. And, we were happy to simultaneously revisit our own Indian Oven obsession and initiate them into their own.

Altogether, Anastasia and I had fantastic times in both SF and NYC. Eating lots of good food was definitely a fun part of our visits in both locales, and we had many Seattle-SF, SF-NYC, and Seattle-NYC cuisine comparison discussions, given the amalgam of our (Anastasia and my, and all our friends) combined nomadic eating histories.

Nancy and Jonah in NYC get special thanks in this foodular dimension. Not only did they take us to uncountably many wonderful eateries in a handful of days, they also made us a totally bitchin’ home cooked Moroccan-themed meal with a super-fine tequila-themed digestivo. Also note: Gawain came down from Rochester and joined us, which, while not specifically food-related, should highlight what an all-out good time the meal was.

So, burritos are often a topic of conversation amongst all of us: they’re awesome in SF, harder to get awesome in Seattle, and, it turns out, harder to get awesome in NYC. James and Radha say the Mexican place near them in Brooklyn is good, but we didn’t have a chance to try it. In fact, we didn’t have any burritos on the whole trip, believe it or not.

Thus, The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel is the perfect complement to this blog post. I look forward to a similar Alameda-Renton tunnel to get me a good burrito here in Seattle, sooner than later.

Finally, special thanks to cousin Lisa Lutz for taking us on book tour with her. Lisa, if you’re reading this, definitely get yourself a good Pancho Villa or El Toro when you’re back in SF—just in case the burrito tunnel to Seattle isn’t open when you get back!

What’s happening

In case that last post didn’t tip you off, Anastasia and I are moving to Seattle from our current residence in San Francisco. We thought up this blog before we decided to move, and will be using it after we move to tell/show you what we’re up to.

But, since what we’re up to right now is pretty much all “moving”, we’ll probably post a lot about our move here.

I’ve been documenting some of my favorite and/or regular things about San Francisco, so I’ll be posting some SF photos (and maybe some audio too) soon.

Today, I’ve been wrestling with the phone / cable-or-satelite / cable-or-DSL possibilities. We’d hoped we could just move all of our accounts from SF to Seattle, but things are different there, and we’ll have to change at least our Internet service.

Anyone is Seattle have recommendations for home DSL/cable Internet service? Comcast? Earthlink? What do you think?