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Mother’s Day in nature

On Sunday, since Mary was out of town basking in the Hawaiian sun, we celebrated mother’s day with Jen, John, and Colin. Seattle gave us one of those ‘oh so beautiful’ days, where you forget about the grey and clouds and soak up the vitamin d. We went out to Discovery Park and had a picnic, then hiked down to the beach. Here are a couple photos from the day:

Colin and Jen, May 2010

Jay, John, Jen, and Colin - May 2010

If the photos look a little fuzzy, they’re supposed to be that way! I took them with my plastic Diana lens with my SLR camera–my new favorite camera set-up. I’ve been posting a lot of photos recently at my photography website (www.anastasiafuller.com) taken with this lens. I’m really loving it, and loving experimenting with it.

Jim’s top 10.5 restuarants in Seattle

My friend Jim just posted his Jim Benson’s Foodie Tour of Seattle – 10.5 Restaurants You Have To Try. Neither Anastasia nor I have been to the majority of the restaurants on his list, so it’s definitely going to come in handy—thanks Jim!

Read Jim’s posts to see his comments, reviews, and the full address info for each restuarant. I’m going to just list them here to help us remember that we need to go (again):

  1. Crush
  2. Monsoon
  3. Salumi
  4. Bakery Noveau
  5. Chiang’s Gourmet (7845 Lake City Way NE)
  6. Palisade
  7. Shiki
  8. Saint Germain
  9. Cafe Besalu (5909 24th Ave NW, Ballard)
  10. Sichuan Bistro (212 N 85th)
  11. 663 Bistro (663 S Weller St, in the ID)

(Jim, if you’re reading this: I did warn you about the Mussel Casserole at Saint Germain!)

Monkey World

One of our favorite local artists, Matthew Porter of Blue Bottle Art Gallery, was just featured in a Seattle Times article Monkey World artist brings his craft home. For those of you who have visted us in the last year or so, you’ve seen one of his original paintings "Monkey Heaven" (lots of monkeys playing music and dancing on clouds)—which we very much enjoy. If you’re in the Seattle area (or next time you’re here), definitely check out their gallery.

What’s happening

In case that last post didn’t tip you off, Anastasia and I are moving to Seattle from our current residence in San Francisco. We thought up this blog before we decided to move, and will be using it after we move to tell/show you what we’re up to.

But, since what we’re up to right now is pretty much all “moving”, we’ll probably post a lot about our move here.

I’ve been documenting some of my favorite and/or regular things about San Francisco, so I’ll be posting some SF photos (and maybe some audio too) soon.

Today, I’ve been wrestling with the phone / cable-or-satelite / cable-or-DSL possibilities. We’d hoped we could just move all of our accounts from SF to Seattle, but things are different there, and we’ll have to change at least our Internet service.

Anyone is Seattle have recommendations for home DSL/cable Internet service? Comcast? Earthlink? What do you think?