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Cousin Lisa on West Coast Live

I just left Seattle yesterday to accompany cousin Lisa (aka Lisa Lutz) on the first leg of her book tour for The Spellman Files. Right now I’m sitting in a hotel room in Pacifica enjoying the sounds and view of the ocean. Ahh, I love the ocean.

This morning we went into Berkeley for a live broadcast and taping of the program "West Coast Live" which is a 2-hour syndicated public radio show. It was great – and I definitely recommend listening to it (you can catch it tonight at 10pm streaming on KCLU). You can also find out more about it here. Lisa was interviewed along with two other authors with interludes of live music and chatting between the hosts. Here’s the line-up:


March 24: Live from the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley

  • CRAIG CHILDS, author of House of Rain
  • LISA LUTZ , author of The Spellman Files
  • ANN CUMMINS, author of Yellowcake
  • The Fabulous Mike Greensill

An interesting thing I noticed as we were hanging out in the "green room" at the Freight & Salvage – there was a lot of writing on the wall (of bands, performers, etc who had been there), and there was this one:

For those of you who have read "The Spellman Files" you know that "Lost Weekends" are a big part of it, so it was auspicious to see this written on the wall. :)

Cousin Lisa’s The Spellman Files

Most of y’all have heard that cousin Lisa’s novel is coming out soon. She’s now got both a personal Lisa Lutz website, and an offical site for the book, The Spellman Files.

Be sure to check out the news page and the book tour page to find out what’s happening with the book and when Lisa is doing readings in your area. Anastasia and I will be at some of the readings too—we’ll let you know when &amp where.