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Kayaking in Whistler

Jay and I are two days into our vacation here at Whistler. Today we went kayaking for about 2.5 hours — from Alta Lake to Green Lake via the River of Golden Dreams (we rented kayaks from Whistler Outdoor Experience, they were very nice). We had great fun.

Here’s a little movie that I made to document our trip. I don’t have photos or video from the river part of our kayak adventure (only from the lakes) as during the river part I was concentrating on paddling so we wouldn’t run into the shore (but we did do that a couple times, oops). watch movie (Quicktime, approx 2 minutes)

2006 construction, The Movie, part 1

Wtih all of the construction activity here, we got behind on posting pix. So, I’ve compiled a slideshow movie of the construction so far.

watch the movie (.mov, requires QuickTime)

This movie is "part 1," and covers the period from before construction (pre-November 2006) to the completion of drywalling (12/22). So, you’ll see some evidence of: cleaning out the garage, breaking ground, replacing the furnace and water heater, adding a heat pump, framing and insulating the floor, pouring new foundation, removing the garage door, framing the walls, new electical wiring and moving the breaker panel, new ducting and venting, insulating the walls and ceiling, and drywalling.

(Doh! Reducing all this to a two minute video makes it look too easy!)

Fingers crossed and knock on wood, in a few weeks, we’ll do a part 2 movie covering from drywalling to move-in!

technical note: The movie might sputter and stop if you start watching before it downloads all the way. If this happens, give it a few minutes to download—there’s actually a download progress bar at the bottom that tells you what’s happening.

another note: The background music is the original, instrumental-only version of a song that will appear on my upcoming album, due for release in Spring 2007. Some of the album art appears at the end of the video, including the famous portrait of me in 9th grade drawn by Bernard Bernard when we were in 10th grade.