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Snow Vacation 2009

Blackcomb Mountain, BC
Blackcomb Mountain, BC

For the first time ever, Jay and I went on a winter “snow” vacation instead of a winter “sun” vacation. We just got home from a long weekend at Whistler. While not entirely injury free (we are both trying to learn to snowboard, and both had some falls on Saturday), we did have a lot of fun. This set of photos are from the day we went up the mountains on the lifts for some tourist activity. They just built a “peak to peak” gondola for the Olympics that goes between Blackcomb and Whistler mountains — it was quite a view.

We were joined on the trip with Jen, John, Colin, and our friend Jesse (who was John’s snowboard friend, since the rest of us are still beginners).

Kayaking in Whistler

Jay and I are two days into our vacation here at Whistler. Today we went kayaking for about 2.5 hours — from Alta Lake to Green Lake via the River of Golden Dreams (we rented kayaks from Whistler Outdoor Experience, they were very nice). We had great fun.

Here’s a little movie that I made to document our trip. I don’t have photos or video from the river part of our kayak adventure (only from the lakes) as during the river part I was concentrating on paddling so we wouldn’t run into the shore (but we did do that a couple times, oops). watch movie (Quicktime, approx 2 minutes)