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Curtis gingerbreads Venice’s Santa Maria della Salute

A little late, but over the holidays, my friend Curtis sent me this video of the gingerbread house he made this year. And, by gingerbread house, I of course mean: intricate recreation of a famous architectural wonder in gingerbread. This year’s is the beautiful Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, which Anastasia and I had the great fortune to visit when we were there in 2000:

You may recall that, last year, Curtis’ gingerbread house was a similarly stunning recreation of l’Opéra national de Paris – in gingerbread!

OK, extra bonus feature this year: after visiting his family in Salt Lake City, Curtis also made this video called “Holiday Horrors!” It’s super awesomely holiday horror hilarious! A perfect way to say goodbye to the 2008 holidays.

Xmas Eve 2008

Here are some photos from our family get-together on Xmas eve — the one that almost didn’t happen because of the snow; but thanks to our awesome friends Lee & Sachi and their 4×4, us “kids” all braved the weather and made it to Kenmore-by-the-Lake for holiday festivities. The photos here account for all of us in some way, but both Colin and Mary turned away from the camera, so only their backs are included. I’ll have to be more diligent next time. Enjoy!