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Jim’s top 10.5 restuarants in Seattle

My friend Jim just posted his Jim Benson’s Foodie Tour of Seattle – 10.5 Restaurants You Have To Try. Neither Anastasia nor I have been to the majority of the restaurants on his list, so it’s definitely going to come in handy—thanks Jim!

Read Jim’s posts to see his comments, reviews, and the full address info for each restuarant. I’m going to just list them here to help us remember that we need to go (again):

  1. Crush
  2. Monsoon
  3. Salumi
  4. Bakery Noveau
  5. Chiang’s Gourmet (7845 Lake City Way NE)
  6. Palisade
  7. Shiki
  8. Saint Germain
  9. Cafe Besalu (5909 24th Ave NW, Ballard)
  10. Sichuan Bistro (212 N 85th)
  11. 663 Bistro (663 S Weller St, in the ID)

(Jim, if you’re reading this: I did warn you about the Mussel Casserole at Saint Germain!)