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Mar 27 2011

Today I planted potatoes

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One container contains La Ratte, described as: “French potato, the culinary superstar of European haute cuisine. Mildly nutty, reminiscent of chestnuts, hazelnuts and almonds with a subtle sweetness.” And the other is Red Thumb: “This fingerling is somewhat new and rather rare. It has brilliant-red skin and reddish-pink flesh. Medium to long tubers have very shallow eyes and come out of the ground clean as a whistle.”

The potato starts are from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds via our local gardening store City People’s (very dangerous place as it’s only two blocks from our house, and so so easy to go crazy w/ plants, seeds, etc. there)!

They’re planted in smart pots, which I’ve never used before, but are supposed to work great for potatoes. It’s a soft-walled pot that’s supposed to aerate and “air prune” your plants. We’ll see how it goes.

For those who’ve never grown potatoes, the reason the dirt is so low now is that you wait for the sprouts from the starts then add more dirt as they grow. Each start is supposed to give you 10-20 potatoes and I planted about 10 in each pot, so if all goes well, we should have an abundance.

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  1. sarahon 06 Apr 2011 at 9:40 pm

    wow! very very cool. i’ve harvested potatoes, but never grown. it sure does sound delicious. good luck!

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